Thursday, January 11, 2007


ID: More Like Marilyn Monroe or St. Augustine?

As we all know, intelligent design is all about the science.

Mat Staver, a creationist who heads the Orlando-based Liberty Counsel and a leading proponent of teaching intelligent design in public schools, tells The Orlando Weekly that he doesn't advocate "that any particular religious doctrine be taught." All he wants is for Darwinian evolution, critiques to Darwinian evolution, intelligent design and other aspects of intelligent design theories to be taught in public schools.

What does he believe himself?

"I believe," says Staver, "that God is the designer and the creator of the world and the creator of life and that he did it, according to the Scriptures, in the six days of creation."

You'd be crazy to think that anything but a dispassionate view of the fossil record has influenced his thinking. Without question, his motives for supporting intelligent design are pure. Absolutely pure.

Just as a cynical liberal media has derailed President Bush's brilliant Iraq strategy, The Orlando Weekly has called into question the disinterested science that is intelligent design by including Michael Ruse, a Florida State University philosopher of biology and the author of The Evolution-Creation Struggle, in the same interview.

Ruse, being the down and dirty Darwinist, hard-hearted materialist that he is, immediately casts doubt on the careful intelligent design case Staver has laid out for us:
I think it's religion, period. I mean, if you would judge it as science it wouldn't be very good, but [that's] like saying Marilyn Monroe is not a very good man. As far as I'm concerned, Marilyn Monroe isn't a man, period. And I would want to say the same of intelligent design. … I don't think intelligent design is the best form of Christianity. And I think that, say, somebody like St. Augustine would feel very much the same way, because St. Augustine was simply arguing that the early chapters of Genesis need to be interpreted metaphorically or allegorically rather than literally.


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