Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Far-flung Phill

Former Kansas attorney general Phill Kline has a new job as Johnson County prosecuting attorney. Now, you might think that Kline, like many people who are new on the job, would be burning the midnight oil to get on top of his new responsibilities.

You would be wrong.

After firing eight staff members in the busy prosecutor's office, Kline was off to rally anti-abortion activists in Wichita.

"There is a cry in Wichita and it's been multiplied 1,000 times over," Kline said. "And not just by the lives taken, but by the women and girls who have been deceived."

Some Johnson Countians may feel they were deceived when Paul Morrison, a full-time, professional prosecutor was replaced by Kline, a man who allowed his law license to be suspended three times, and who now shows every sign that he will simply use the office as a source of income while he's staging his next run at public office.

Given his track record, RSR can't make up his mind whether it's better for Johnson County if the ham-handed Kline ignores his job or actually tries to do it.


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