Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Darwin Day at the University of Kansas – Monday, February 12

12:00 pm Center for Science Education Brown Bag Seminar
"Forms Most Beautiful: Ideas of Evolution at the Molecular Level" presented by Dr. Richard Schowen. Pine Room of the Kansas Union. An understandable description of concepts developed between 1970 and the present of how proteins evolve to higher levels of functionality, and in particular, how enzymes have become better catalysts. The intention is to make the story accessible to any curious adult.

6:00 pm Museum Activities Exploring Evolution Display in Museum
Explore Evolution will give visitors the opportunity to understand and experience how scientists conduct research on evolution. Docents will lead small groups through the displays. Current scientific research and major discoveries by internationally recognized scientists are featured. Seven areas, from cells to whales, explore and illustrate evolutionary principles and show how knowledge of evolution is fundamental to advances in contemporary science and medicine. Student guides will help answer questions and make interesting points about the displays.

Museum behind the scenes
Docents will lead a few small groups. 1. Herpetology – John Simmons and Linda Trueb 2. Ichthyology – Ed Wiley and Andy Bentley 3. Ornithology – Mark Robbins

Research displays and presentations
Set up at tables around the museum by department researchers illustrating how far we have come since Darwin.
1. Stephen Ilardi - evolutionary psychology
2. John Counts and Steve Hasiotis - Trace Fossils
3. Edith Taylor - Fossil Plants
4. Larry Martin and David Burnham - Vertebrate paleontology
5. Zach Falin - Entomology
6. Daphne Fautin - Anemone and coral evolution
7. Jennifer Weghorst - Primate social evolution
8. Deborah Smith - honey bee evolution
9. Rafe Brown - Evolution of frog courtship
10. Ray Pierotti - Natural hybridization in mammals and birds.

7:30 Darwin/Muffy/Dodos Escorts to Woodruff for Costume Contest
Sponsored by Kansas Citizens for Science $100.00 cash prize for winner of each category. $50.00 cash prize for second Anyone in the contest will get free entrance to the movie.
1. Darwin – can be Darwin at any age in his career – judged by audience.
2. Muffy Moose – (Pictures at Judged by Muffy from Denver science museum, by means of web casting.
3. Dodos (can be authentic or animated) – judged by the museum biologists and staff

Flock of Dodos showing in Woodruff 7:45 pm
The cost of the movie and event is $2.00, tickets will be available through the Gift Shop in the museum

Sponsoring Groups: Center for Science Education, KU Natural History Museum, Biodiversity Institute, Spencer Museum of Art, Kansas Citizens for Science, KU Students for Science, Department of Chemistry, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Department of Geology, Department of Molecular Biosciences, Division of Biological Sciences, Biological Survey, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Department of Anthropology, Department of Psychology


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