Monday, January 22, 2007


Blast Zone

According to our old friend DaveScot over at the intelligent design blog Uncommon Descent, scientific literacy exploded starting in 1995.

DaveScot is one of those who believes he can detect the effects of design (aka the hand of God) in the natural world. So naturally, he sees a cause and effect relationship here as well.

The effect, the explosive growth of scientific literacy -- defined here as the level of skill required to read most of the articles in the science section of the New York Times and understand most episodes of "Nova" -- points directly at a cause.

And that cause, the prime mover if you will, in DaveScot's considered opinion, is that "in January 1995 Republicans took over congress and entered into the Contract With America."

Clearly, this was a seminal event in DaveScot's life, even if some of the rest of us have come to the conclusion that the Republican's "Contract With America" was misnamed.

It really should have been called the "Contract On America."

Whatever we may think of the Republican's COA, DaveScot's explosion has to be considered something of a dud. The chart that accompanies his post shows that the scientific literacy went from an absurdly low 10 percent to a dismal 17 percent.

Next thing you know, we'll be catching up with Turkey.

Hat Tip to Ron in San Antonio for pointing us in the right direction.


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