Friday, January 19, 2007


Action Alert: Kansas School Board Vote

At the last Kansas school board meeting, moderates made it clear that they intend to throw out the intelligent design inspired standards approved last year and replace them with real science.

Moderates have a 6-4 majority on the board now, but creationists haven't given up the fight. As the moderates were announcing their decision to bring the standards to a vote in February, at least 10 creationist and intelligent design activists took the mike during the public comments period. They argued against changing the standards and delivered a petition with hundreds of signatures opposing the return of real science standards to the state's public schools.

We have no doubt that moderates will stick to their guns, but we think they could also use our support. I urge supporters of real science education to send an e-mail to moderate members of the board offering your support for their courageous stand in defense of science.

Here's a list of board members who have said they will vote to dump the Abrams' standards supported by the Discovery Insitute and the ID Network and for the science standards developed by the majority of the curriculum committee:

Sally Cauble:
Jana Shaver:
Janet Waugh:
Sue Gamble:
Carol Rupe"
Dr. Bill Wagnon:

Here are the creationists who may need some polite -- and please keep it polite -- urging to do the right thing:

Dr. Steve Abrams:
John Bacon:
Kenneth Willard:
Kathy Martin:


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