Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Pretty Disgusting

A lot of people -- even some such as RSR who agree with him on other issues -- are upset with Richard Dawkins for suggesting that the religious indoctrination of young people may amount to child abuse.

But, an audience that viewed the film "Jesus Camp," a documentary that features evangelicals indoctrinating their children in the faith, may not be among them.

A screening in central Kansas at the Salina Art Cinema prompted this response from audience member Michelle Clark who said she viewed it as "nothing less than child abuse."

"I'm a little surprised how gently everyone has been talking about the film. Because I wouldn't say I was horrified, but I was really disgusted by what I saw," Clark said. "Children should not be indoctrinated and brainwashed in that way.

"Opinions of people who are powerful to them, forced upon them at such a young age, was to me pretty disgusting."

Is "Jesus Camp" just an isolated example of fundamentalist zeal, or is it a preview of coming attractions should the religious right have its way with our public schools? Either way, it's frightening.


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