Monday, December 11, 2006


Kent Hovind's Letter From the Escambia County Jail

While awaiting sentencing on his conviction for tax evasion, Kent Hovind, aka Dr. Dino, has been whiling away the tedious hours at the Escambia County Jail by teaching fellow inmates to memorize bible passages. Hovind writes in a blog post, "Update From Bunk Three:"
There is no way to describe the joy that they show when they get it right. Many have never memorized scriptures in their life, and maybe that is why they are in jail.

Okay, were confused. If that's how they ended up in jail, what's Hovind's excuse. Is it that the good Rev. Hovind never quite got around to memorizing scripture himself. Or, does it simply mean that knowing scripture has no effect on behavior.

It certainly doesn't appear to have prevented Hovind from engaging in criminal behavior.


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