Friday, December 22, 2006


Gov. Sebelius on Kline Appointment

Associated Press: Here's the text of Gov. Kathleen Sebelius’ statement on Attorney General Phill Kline’s appointment as Johnson County district attorney:

With the overwhelming election of Paul Morrison as Attorney General — an outcome even more pronounced in Johnson County — the people of Kansas made a strong and unequivocal statement about Phill Kline’s fitness for law enforcement and his pursuit of misguided, personal priorities in public office.

Out of a deep and enduring respect for the will of the people, I cannot approve of Kline’s appointment as Johnson County district attorney by a small, narrow group of partisan political operatives.

I do not believe such a clear majority of Kansans rejected Kline’s stewardship as attorney general with the intention of seeing him continue a public career in law enforcement paid for by taxpayers.

Since Kansas law treats my response to this decision as purely “ceremonial,” I join the people of Kansas in hoping he conducts himself differently as district attorney than he did in his term as attorney general.


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