Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Will Dirty Tricks Swing the Election for Republicans?

The Republican Party apparently believes it can hold onto political power by harassing voters with dozens of repeat robo-calls in order to suppress the vote. The idea is to fool voters who hang up on the automated calls into thinking the calls are coming from Democratic candidates. Apparently, the computers that make these calls have been programmed to keep calling back until the voter listens to the whole message -- thus infuriating them.

You can see video of Keith Olbermann's report on the Republican scheme -- which may be illegal -- here.

TPM Muckraker has a full run-down on the Republican robo-call scandal.

The Nation reports on the Republican's desperate tactics to hang onto power.

Here in Kansas, Republican Jim Ryan -- he's one of the holier-than-thou crowd -- is using the tactic against Nancy Boyda, forcing her to post a disclaimer on her website:

Someone is flooding homes with harassing robo calls. They are making it sound like many are coming from the Boyda campaign. These calls are part of the dirty tricks funded by billion dollar lobbyists from back East.

Our campaign made only one call last week and it was a positive message. Please download this message and pass it one to your email contacts and ask everyone to vote for Nancy Boyda. Nancy will expand the privacy no call list to stop political robo calls. Ryun voted to allow these political calls and is now using them in this campaign.

Morals? Ryan doesn't have any.


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