Monday, November 13, 2006


We'll fight 'em on the land, fight. 'em in the air, fight 'em in our underwear!

"No matter what happens in the polling booth, or the courtroom, the scientific controversy remains just that – a scientific controversy."

No, it isn't a line from the Colbert Report. It's the Discovery Institute's reaction to the overwhelming defeat for ultra-right politics in the last election. Including, in Ohio, where voters overwhelmingly rejected CreationScienceLite ® -- otherwise known as intelligent design.

After telling us for years that the demand by the public for teaching intelligent design in science classrooms was very nearly insatiable -- remember too, that pre-Dover they couldn't wait to get scientists into the court where they could grill them about evolution -- they now say their losses in the courts and the elections really aren't all that important.

No, they're going to win in the scientific arena.

Does anybody have the heart to tell them they lost there a long, long time ago?

Is it just me, or does the Discovery Institute strategy for teaching religion in public school science classrooms seem more and more like the president's strategy for winning in Iraq. Both are built on the same faulty premises, share the same distaste for reality, and both have about the same chance to succeed.


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