Tuesday, November 28, 2006


UK: Twice Shy?

Reacting to news that dozens of British schools are using creationist materials, including a DVD featuring the cast and crew of Gilligan's Island the Discovery Institute in science classes there, the BBC informs puzzled readers that:
... Intelligent Design's claims to be scientific have been challenged in the media and more importantly in the courts. In Pennsylvania in 2005, a judge ruled that it was unlawful for schools to teach ID as it was an essentially religious belief. While these arguments about evolution are in their infancy in the UK, a Government minister has said that says that Intelligent Design is not included in the national curriculum and should not be taught in schools. The majority of scientists in Britain also support this view.

Having previously bought into the whole notion that the Iraqi people would welcome American and British troops with open arms, the British people may now be excused if they're just a bit more skeptical about this latest American import.


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