Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Election? What Election?

The reaction to the last election by intelligent design activists at the Discovery Institute's Evolution News and Views blog and William Dembski's Uncommon Descent have mirrored, in a deliciously amusing way, the reaction by comedian Stephen Colbert.

Election? What election?

The Baptist Press, however, has noticed:
In Ohio and Kansas, the midterm elections brought gains for evolution backers on state boards of education that determine science standards in public school classrooms, which means proponents of Intelligent Design suffered some setbacks.

In her New Yorker piece on the Dover intelligent design trial, Margaret Talbot observed that the difference between those who accept the evidence for evolution and those whose faith compels them to believe in creationism, including variants such as intelligent design, isn't based on political or religious affiliation. Rather, it comes down to who reads the newspapers.

Those who support science read the daily papers. Those who don't, shun them.

Could it be that the silence from Seattle indicates that they haven't yet learned of their defeats in Kansas and Ohio?


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