Friday, November 03, 2006


Don Weiss Endorsements

Moderate school board candidate Don Weiss has been endorsed by the Kansas City Star and the Johnson County Sun.

Here's the Kansas City Star:
In August, Kansas voters signaled that they wanted their state Board of Education to go a different direction.

The board majority has attracted national ridicule for voting to criticize the theory of evolution in state science standards. An incumbent who voted that way and a challenger who supported the vote were defeated in the primary election.

Two of the anti-evolution majority survived. They are Republicans John Bacon of Olathe in District 3 and Ken Willard of Hutchinson in District 7.

Both deserve defeat in the general election.

In District 3, the choice should be Don Weiss, an Olathe Democrat who says he wants to “restore dignity and respect” to the board.

And the Johnson County Sun:
One of the most important state races in our area is in the 3rd District of the Kansas Board of Education. Don Weiss, a Democrat who lives in Olathe, is challenging the incumbent Republican, John W. Bacon, Olathe.

Weiss is, by far, the more qualified candidate.

Bacon is part of the notorious 6-4 Christian conservative majority that has enmeshed the board in distracting controversies such as evolution instruction, sex education and hiring Bob Corkins as education commissioner.

Weiss has also been endorsed by Harry McDonald, a Republican who lost to Bacon in the primary, the Kansas Alliance for Education, the MAINstream Coalition Political Action Committee, the Kansas National Education Association Political Action Committee, the Greater Kansas City Democracy for America, the Greater Kansas City Women's Political Caucus, and the National Association of Social Workers, Kansas Chapter.


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