Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Casey Luskin Proves Newton's Third Law of Motion Wrong

What with a group calling itself "Truth in Science" sending packets of creationist "educational" material to science teachers in the UK featuring Discovery Institute fellows, The Guardian has produced a Q&A on intelliegent design to explain this American import to its readers in the UK. Here's a sample:
Surely intelligent design is another name for creationism?
Intelligent design does share a number of similarities with creationism, and the phrase appears in several examples of creationist literature. they both argue that evolution is unable to account for the vast array of species, and both promote the concept of a designer.

Although The Guardian does note there are some differences between cosmopolitan ID theorists and their rustic cousins in the creation science movment, we fear that statement alone is enough to provoke another who-knows-how-many part reply from Discovery's Casey Luskin.


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