Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Willard Not Embarrassed

When Gov. Kathleen Sebelius tries to lure new businesses to Kansas that might help grow the state's economy, time and again she finds that, "Fred Phelps and the school board are all they know about. No amount of economic development dollars can cancel that out."

That doesn't bother right-wing school board member Ken Willard. He tells the Topeka Capital-Journal that, to the contrary, the science standards aren't an embarrassment.

If given the chance, Willard would do it all over again.

Willard might, but will Kansas voters give him the chance to waste time and taxpayer money to fight the culture wars with school children as conscripts again? Voters in Western Kansas declined to give Willard's fellow culture warrior, Connie Morris, another term. Iris Van Meter's successor and son-in-law, Brad Patzer, was likewise rejected.

Willard, and fellow radical John Bacon, are up for re-election this November. Electing moderates Jack Wempe and Don Weiss in their place would give moderates an 8-2 majority and set the school board on a sensible course for a number of years to come.

Kansans have always placed a high premium on education. It's time to restore the state's good name.


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