Monday, October 30, 2006


What a Dust Do I Raise!

"I am Richard Dawkins’ worst nightmare — a former militant atheist and Darwinist, who finally realized that everything he believed about everything that mattered was wrong."

So writes GilDodgen over at William Dembski's adult day care center, otherwise known as Uncommon Descent.

We suppose it's progress of a sort, when those suffering from delusions of grandeur see themselves not as Napoleon or Julius Caesar or Jesus, but as the nemesis of someone, like Dawkins, who has, at least, the virtue of still being with us in the here and now.

We think G.K. Chesterton best described the hermetic world of Uncommon Descent where an anonymous blogger can be the worst nightmare of a world famous scientist and best-selling author:
The lunatic is the man who lives in a small world but thinks it is a large one; he is the man who lives in a tenth of the truth, and thinks it is the whole. The madman cannot conceive any cosmos outside a certain tale or conspiracy or vision.


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