Thursday, October 19, 2006


Two More Fossil Gaps Discovered

It's well known in creationist circles that each discovery of a new intermediate fossil doesn't so much fill an existing gap in the fossil record as open two new ones, and even an old skeptic like RSR can't deny that the god who fills these gaps has been gaining real estate at an alarming rate recently.

Just the other day, in fact, Dr. John Long of Museum Victoria announced the discovery of two new gaps in the fossil record with the discovery of an intact 380 million-year-old fish fossil (above) found in Western Australia.

"The specimen is the most perfect complete three-dimensional fish of its kind ever discovered in the whole world," says Long. "It looks like it died yesterday. You can still open and close the mouth."

"It's definitely a fish. It's got gills, it swims in water, it's got fins," Dr Long said. "But it's a fish that is showing the beginnings of the tetrapod's advanced body plan that would eventually carry on to all living land animals."

This discovery, coming close on the heels of Tiktaalik roseae, means scientists have been confronted with four new and wholly unexpected gaps in the space of less than a year.

Thus confirming for the creationist that the more we learn, the less we know.


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