Thursday, October 12, 2006


Talks to God

Zig Ziglar, the born-again pitchman who talks to God has had a new revelation. The Oregonian reports that Zig is getting out the crystal ball, now, in his popular motivational seminars:
“’I'm not a scientist or a prophet, but I'm going to predict that in 10 years' time, the theory of evolution will be just a bad joke that hung around too long,’ Ziglar said.”

Far be it from RSR to question Ziglar. After all, he gets his information straight from the source, so it can't be wrong. God also tells Zig that man is the head of the household, homosexuality destroyed the Greek and Roman civilizations, and horoscopes are “Satan’s daily bulletin, published in Hell.”

Evolutionary Times has a complete rundown on Zig's inspired insights on the future of evolution here.


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