Monday, October 09, 2006


Mea Culpa

The other day, RSR observed that the Amazon of prose gushing from Casey Luskin at the Discovery Institute Evolution News and Views blog seemed to have dried up after part seven of his projected 10-part magnum opus appeared Sept. 24.

Luskin's flood of words -- truly biblical in proportion -- were written, or rather are being written, in response to an article by Barbara Forrest on the Dover intelligent design trial published in CSICOP's "Creation & Intelligent Design Watch." Were Forrest's article -- like Noah's Ark -- not so well constructed (it's built out of facts, a material far sturdier, and more economical than the conjecture, supposition, and falsehood Luskin has chosen to employ) it might well have foundered in the raging waters emanating from Seattle.

Well, Part VIII appeared today and, just as the man who washed his car must accept responsibility for the inevitable rain that follows, RSR feels some responsibility for the prodigal's return.

We tempted the fates by wondering if the "loquacious Luskin simply ran out of things to say, or that some kindly figure working behind the scenes at Discovery pulled the lad aside and offered him some fatherly words of advice."

Obviously, no one in Seattle cares enough about the young Luskin to set him straight.


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