Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Johnson County Sun Endorses Weiss

The Johnson County Sun, not noted for its support of Democratic candidates, has endorsed school board candidate Don Weiss. This has to be seen as a blow to John Bacon, the incumbent Republican. Here's how the normally conservative Sun sees the race:

One of the most important state races in our area is in the 3rd District of the Kansas Board of Education. Don Weiss, a Democrat who lives in Olathe, is challenging the incumbent Republican, John W. Bacon, Olathe.

Weiss is, by far, the more qualified candidate.

Bacon is part of the notorious 6-4 Christian conservative majority that has enmeshed the board in distracting controversies such as evolution instruction, sex education and hiring Bob Corkins as education commissioner.

Corkins had no experience as a professional educator and, worse, as a paid lobbyist in the Kansas Legislature he opposed adequate funding for K-12 public education.

Bacon and his lot have continually imposed their personal values on education policies. Their antics on evolution instruction have been an embarrassment for Kansas around the world.

That is not the worst part. They have undermined Kansas' efforts to attract top scientists to its developing bioscience and biomedical initiatives. That adversely affects the economic health of Kansas and threatens job opportunities in the state.

Among other destructive changes, Bacon and his cohorts made it more difficult for students to receive a balanced course on sex education.

Not only would Weiss be a vast improvement over Bacon. He would be a notable addition to the board.

As a professional educator, Weiss knows, in depth, how education works, its needs and what the board should be doing to help students meet achievement standards required by the state and the federal No Child Left Behind program.

Weiss has held positions in the information services management field. He has been involved in overseeing computer systems and training professionals in technology programs. His knowledge would be invaluable as the board copes with ongoing advances in science and technology.


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