Friday, October 06, 2006


ID's Moral Compass

Any doubts that RSR might have harbored that ID is morally superior to evolution were dispelled when convicted Watergate felon Chuck Colson paid tribute to Phillip Johnson this week.

For the younger set whose memories don't go back quite as far as RSR's, Colson once proposed firebombing the Brookings Institution and stealing politically damaging documents while firefighters put the fire out -- among other crimes and misdemeanors -- and served seven months in Maxwell Correctional Facility in Alabama.

Like so many others before him, Colson experienced a prison conversion. (Why, we wonder, do these conversions always happen after the perpetrator is caught, and not before?) He now believes this experience uniquely qualifies him to lecture to the rest of us on morals -- especially our failings.

Interestingly, Colson calls Johnson "the unlikely spearhead of the intelligent design movement." Johnson's life shows, says Colson, "how one informed and dedicated individual can literally shape the course of history."

This last part makes RSR a bit nervous.

Does it mean we can expect another 10-part rebuttal from the Discovery Institute's Casey Luskin, who recently dethroned the father of intelligent design theory on Discovery's Evolution News and Views blog?

"Johnson's work inspired many people to investigate scientific deficiencies of Neo-Darwinism,” writes Luskin, but “Johnson is not a scientist and has done not been one (sic) who has formulated the actual theory of intelligent design.”

By the way, we've noticed that Luskin's 10-part series went dry back on Sept. 24 at "Part VII". Does this mean the loquacious Luskin simply ran out of things to say, or that some kindly figure working behind the scenes at Discovery pulled the lad aside and offered him some fatherly words of advice.

Your thoughts?


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