Friday, October 20, 2006


Discovery's Revisionist History

The Discovery Institute has been caught with its hand in the Wikipedia cookie jar. Apparently, they've been editing their own Wiki entry prompting this response from one of the page editors:

Truthologist added an excessive number of links to DI material... He then restored it when Jimsch62 rejected it as link spam... [his] IP just happens to be that of the Discovery Institute. Having the DI restore Truthologist's questionable edits calls into question whether there are editors here working on the Discovery Institute's
behalf or that its PR firm, Creative Response Concepts.

WP:AUTO provides for preventing editors from editing articles in which they are directly involved, particularly when done in a biased manner, as have been seen here. To avoid future conflict and disputes, anyone editing here who is an involved party with the DI should limit themselves to participating on this article's talk page and refrain from editing the article directly.


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