Wednesday, October 04, 2006



We suspect many rural Kansans were ready to forgive school board member Connie Morris for pushing her fundamentalist religious views into the state's public school science curriculum under the guise of intelligent design, even if they didn't agree with her.

They're less willing to forgive -- and not likely to forget -- her insistent demands that school districts cut costs while she indulged in displays of conspicuous consumption such as her taxpayer funded stay at a $339-a-night beachfront luxury hotel in Miami.

Connie was taught a harsh lesson when she lost her re-election bid in the primary last August, but she proved she's learned nothing by taking taxpayer money for two more trips just weeks before she leaves office.

Nothing, apparently, is too good for our Connie.

That news, you say, is a little dated though, isn't it? Didn't we hear about all that a couple of weeks back?

Maybe so, but it's still on the minds of voters here in Kansas, as these letters (1) (2) (3)to the Hutchinson News demonstrate.

Connie's gone but four of her enablers remain. Two of them, Ken Willard and John Bacon, are up for election in November. By putting moderates Jack Wempe and Don Weiss on the school board, Kansans can put a stop to the sort of boondoggles Connie's made famous.


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