Saturday, October 21, 2006


At Odds With Common Sense: That's Our School Board

Rhonda Holman of the Wichita Eagle editorial board asks, what, if anything, the state school board is going to do about two state-funded trips Connie Morris is taking during her lame-duck months.

The question, writes Holman, came up during a debate this week in the District 7 race between incumbent Ken Willard of Hutchinson and challenger Jack Wempe of Lyons.

“I don’t see it as improper," said Willard. "As a board member, you’re elected for four years. It doesn’t end after a primary election.”

But something can be proper and utterly at odds with common sense and fiscal responsibility, notes Holman.

"So Wempe is right to support reassessing the policy: 'This travel policy lumps all reimbursements made into one pot.'”


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