Monday, October 23, 2006


Apology Due

In a letter to the Topeka Capital Journal, state school board chair Steve Abrams writes that Gov. Kathleen Sebelius owes the board an apology.

Abrams is mad because the governor recently noted that the school board's antics make bringing new business into Kansas more difficult. When people in the rest of the country think of Kansas, she said, they think of two things: Fred Phelps and the evolution issue.

Abrams may not like it, but what Sebelius says is true.

The radical majority of the school board not only tried to write their sectarian religious views into the science curriculum, they appointed Bob Corkins, a woefully unqualified anti-tax activist, as Education Commissioner. They've decimated the professional staff at the Kansas Department of Education, and they've allowed test scores in some districts to drop precipitously.

Perhaps it's Abrams and his fanatical followers on the board who owe the governor -- and the rest of us -- an apology.


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