Wednesday, October 11, 2006


All That Crazy Stuff

Michael A. Fletcher reports in the Washington Post that the "culture wars are being eclipsed as a voting issue by economic worries" in Ohio. Efforts by evangelical leaders to frame the election around "values," says Fletcher, are being overshadowed by the state's recent record of job losses and the resultant economic concern.

The abysmal record of corruption amassed by politicians put into office by the so-called "values" voters -- Gov. Taft and Congressman Bob Ney's connections to Jack Abramoff come to mind -- may also be having an effect.

On the other hand, Ronald Brownstein reports in the LA Times that Missouri "values" voters haven't yet seen the light:
"I mostly vote Republican because of the Christian values side of it," said Jim Holt, a foreman at a trailer manufacturing company, as he leaned against his pickup truck.

Holt said economic issues — what he called "the money side of it" — took a backseat to his other concerns. "I worry more about abortion and gay marriage and all that crazy stuff."


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