Tuesday, September 26, 2006



Toledo Blade: "Michigan's Republican gubernatorial candidate should have set off alarms among every intelligent voter with his revealing comments about the state's science curriculum. Dick DeVos thinks it should include a discussion about intelligent design, also known as 'a 21st-century version of creationism,' also known as religion masquerading as science."

Proponents cleverly try to bring religion into the science classroom by suggesting students be exposed to multiple theories of creation as if Darwin's theory is merely one hunch among many. They mistake "theory" in the scientific sense to mean "conjecture." In reality, scientists regard it as "a strong, over-arching explanation that ties together many facts and enables us to make testable predictions."

While this editorial is sure to provoke a 20-part series from Discovery's Casey Luskin, it also demonstrates that the ID shell game no longer fools anyone. The game is up.


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