Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Truth in Packaging

A group of young earth creationists have set up a web site in the UK called -- wait for it -- "Truth in Science." The site, complete with a photo of a happy, multicultural group of students pushing test tubes around a lab states:

For many years, much of what has been taught in school science lessons about the origin of the living world has been dogmatic and imbalanced. The theory of Darwinian evolution has been presented as scientifically uncontroversial and the only credible explanation of origins.

... We consider that it is time for students to be permitted to adopt a critical approach to Darwinism in science lessons. They should be given fair and accurate presentations of alternative views.

... There is a modern controversy over Darwin's theory of evolution and the neo-Darwinian synthesis, and this has considerable social, spiritual, moral and ethical mplications. Truth in Science promotes the critical examination of Darwinism in schools, as an important component of science education.

Ekklesia, a not-for-profit think tank which promotes progressive theological ideas in public life, reports that "[t]he move is the latest attempt by opponents of Darwinian theory to ‘teach the controversy’ by claiming equivalence for non-scientific theories of origins often derived from fundamentalist interpretations of Christian scripture."

Geologist and Anglican vicar Michael Roberts, an evangelical and a long-term opponent of creationism [see his own article] told Ekklesia: “The material on the website is carefully packaged, and its YEC roots, and thus its scientific worthlessness, may not be immediately apparent to the undiscerning.”


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