Friday, September 22, 2006


Travel Tips

In today's Lawrence Journal World, Barb and Dave Downing have sent along some useful travel tips for right-wing Kansas school board member Connie Morris. Having lost her primary election bid, Connie plans to spend part of her remaining time traveling at taxpayer expense. She will leave the board in December after first making trips to Washington D.C. and Minnesota.

As Kansas taxpayers who will be footing the bills for Connie Morris’ trips, we would like to pass along to her some travel tips.

Bloomington, Minn., is where the Mall of America is located. This is a must see. What an array of shops! Nordstrom’s Rack has really great prices on clothes. Camp Snoopy has great gifts for the kids plus the indoor amusement park. Eat at Tony Roma's. The ribs are terrific.

Oh! To be in Washington, D.C., at Christmas time. Stay at the Hay-Adams Hotel. It’s a bit pricey, but well worth the extra expense. You will feel right at home among the power brokers making history over dinner by a cozy fire. The national Christmas tree all lighted up is beautiful. The Lincoln Memorial is another must see. Standing before Honest Abe is a reminder that honesty, integrity and service to one’s fellow men and women are really what is important in a public servant.

Well Connie, enjoy your trips. It would be thoughtful of you to issue a general thank-you to the taxpayers of Kansas on the Capitol steps or next to the large Snoopy at the Mall of America for enabling you to travel to these interesting places.


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