Friday, September 08, 2006


Rumors of Morris Write-in Campaign Grow Stronger

The word around the Kansas State Department of Education is that Connie Morris is definitely running a stealth write-in campaign to retain her board seat in western Kansas.

According to RSR's source, who asked to remain anonymous, but is in a position to know, Education Commissioner Bob Corkins has told some staff members at KSDE that money is being raised for Morris' write-in campaign now. She will campaign quietly -- mainly inside friendly right-wing churches -- until one or two weeks before the Nov. election when her campaign will come out of the closet.

RSR doesn't know how successful such a campaign might be. Certainly, there are enormous obstacles to running a successful write-in campaign. However, if indeed she is running, she will have enormous financial support and a ready-made base in fundamentalist churches. Those facts argue against complacency on the part of moderates.

Moderates took the first step toward winning back the board in the August primary, but it was only a step. The brutal fact is, the board's majority wasn't decided then. It will be decided in November. That's why moderates must keep fighting all the way through the general election. We mustn't be satisfied with the notion that we've already won that 6-4 majority.

We need to assume that the far right will contest every board seat in November -- even Janet Waugh's in KCK. We must fight to defend the primary victories won by Sally Cauble and Janet Waugh. And we must fight in districts 3 and 7 to put Don Weiss and Jack Wempe on the board this coming November.


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