Thursday, September 14, 2006


Ohio: "Framework" Discussion Put Off

Tom Sawyer, a pro-science advocate running for the Ohio board of Education sends along this news:

The news from Monday's Ohio Board of Education meeting was swamped by stories of the many 9/11 memorial ceremonies. Though the papers from Columbus and Cleveland reportedly had reporters there, the Canton Repository ran the only story we've seen. Since the Repository requires (free) registration, here's the main thrust:
The Achievement Committee of the Ohio Board of Education ran out of time Monday before it could discuss a "framework" for how teachers should deal with controversial issues. The committee, which started its meeting more than 15 minutes late, originally was scheduled to meet for three hours but cut it down to two. The discussion of the "framework," which was drafted by staff of the Department of Education at the request of some board members, was the only thing the committee didn't get done.

People who were there report that the Committee appeared to be deliberately running out the clock and adjorned on a motion with no vote. Meanwhile, pro-ID member Colleen Brady handed out "corrected" versions of the template, claiming that the version handed out at the July meeting -- the one that specifically applied the template to the "controversial" issues of evolution, global warming and stem cell research -- had been distributed by mistake.


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