Friday, September 22, 2006


O Ye of Little Faith

Poor Ken Miller can't seem to catch a break.

First, Miller, a cell biologist, Brown University professor, best-selling author, and staunch defender of evolution, came under attack following a recent speech at the University of Kansas from atheists who don't understand how he can believe in both god and evolution.

Now, intelligent design "theorists" at the Discovery Institute have targeted Miller for the very same speech:
In the last 20 minutes, Miller finally confronted the difficult question. How does one accept Darwinism and hold to a particular religious faith? He gave Dawkins rave reviews and declared his science to be impeccable and his books outstanding.

But.... Miller tells us.... the difference between he and Dawkins is that Dawkins believes the universe is a singularly random and meaningless place which arose without the aid of a designer, and Miller holds the opposing view. That was pretty much it. No explanation whatsoever as to why he believes a designer exists, especially in light of the fact that he does not acknowledge that we can observe design in nature.

So essentially, both Dawkins and Miller see no evidence of design, and their philosophy as to how evolution works is the same, yet Dawkins follows that evidence and declares the world is without a designer and Miller claims to believe there is a designer. Bizarre. So Miller apparently, like most TE’s [theistic evolutionists, RSR], holds to his religious beliefs on faith ~alone~. That’s the problems with TE’s - they can give you no reason whatsoever as to why they believe what they do in regard to their religious beliefs other than they take it all on faith.

Amazing, Miller's religious views are based on faith. What's next, a science based on observable evidence and experimentation?


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