Monday, September 18, 2006


"Look what you've done! I'm melting, melting."

What water was to the Wicked Witch of the West, it appears, evidence is to the creationist.

As has been widely reported, evangelicals in Kenya are protesting a world-class display of fossils tracing the origins of man at Nairobi's National Museum.


Follow, if you can, the curious logic of Bishop Boniface Adoyo, chairman of the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya, which claims to represent churches of 35 denominations with 9 million members.
"We are objecting to the message that the fossil exhibits represent the scientific evidence of human evolution. They do not. Human evolution is still a theory and this cannot be called as evidence.”

That's right. You may not display the evidence that proves your theory, because, after all, it's just a theory.

There's one refreshing thing about the Bishop's opposition to the evolution display:
"When you use evolution as God's tool in creating man in his image, you have to reckon with the fact at what stage in the evolution process does man attain to that image?" he said. "The conclusion is either God's image is evolving or God Himself is evolving or every creature has God's image. God could be anything and I'm afraid I cannot put my faith in a 'changing God' or an 'anything God'.”

He's wrong, very wrong. But at least he's honest. In his refreshingly heartfelt statement there's none of the tedious double talk that you get from highbrow ID theorists in this country.


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