Thursday, September 28, 2006


KU Students for Science Blog

A New Voice for Science Education, the blog of KU Students for Science is up.

Laura Murphy has a post up that illustrates the commitment these young people bring to the defense of science and the technology tools they'll effortlessly pick up to wield in the battle:
So far, it looks like pro-science, pro-evolution wins among the student population (if nothing else, we are way more creative in our facebook group titles than the ID’ers). What this shows, is that students like myself and many others out there care about this issue; an issue that impacts our generation: both in our own education and the education of our children. The Facebook has shown me that I am not alone in my feelings and my activism.
Why not visit A New Voice for Science Education and welcome them to the blogosphere. Red State Rabble will add them to the links in the sidebar as soon as we can find a techno-savvy youngster to show us how to do it.

Note: An error in this post has been corrected.


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