Sunday, September 10, 2006


Ken Miller: Men About to be Hanged

Ken Miller's speech at KU Thursday night proved H.L Mencken wrong on one point. Belief in the gospels is not, as Mencken famously claimed, confined to ecclesiastical reactionaries, pious old ladies, and men about to be hanged.

At least RSR couldn't conveniently place Miller in one of those categories.

All joking aside, I believe Miller has initiated a useful discussion, even if we can't agree with everything he says. Take a look at PZ Myers post based on RSR's original report -- and the discussion in the comments -- here. Jack Krebs, president of Kansas Citizens for Science has a somewhat different take, here. PZ does an encore after listening to Miller's talk, here.

You can read eyewitness reports of Miller's speech Lawrence Journal World: Biologist says evolution, religion can coexist, Red State Rabble, Paul Decelles, and here.

Jack has posted an MP3 of Miller's speech (he asks that you download the zip file so as not to bog down his home server by listening to the streaming audio version) here. Phil has tweaked the audio and combined them into one MP3 here.


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