Wednesday, September 06, 2006


In the Beginning

In the beginning, there was biblical literalism, and it was good, but not enough.

Then a great prophet came into the land to lead God's people. Henry Morris created creation science. That worked for a while.

But then, out of the land, a group of activist judges called the Supreme Court stepped forward to rule against balanced treatment.

God's people, ever resourceful put forward a new prophet, Phillip Johnson, who spun biblical literalism's straw into intelligent design gold. That worked better than anyone expected.

But then, lo, another activist judge, wearing the disguise of a boy scout leader and Bush appointee, stepped in. This wicked judge blasphemed ID, saying it wasn't as intelligent as people thought.

And Teach the Controversy and it's cousin Critical Analysis were handed down to God's people to fill the void.

But in this sinful land, the cousins did not make much headway. The godless school board in Ohio voted them out, and the sinning citizens of Kansas voted their champions off the school board.

An so, Origin of Life Fairness was born.


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