Wednesday, September 13, 2006


ID Theorists: They're Backdoor Men

Whatever else you want to say about intelligent design, it's the Tom Cruise -- or is that the Paris Hilton? -- of popularity polls. Seems like every time public opinion is surveyed, intelligent design or creationism comes out on top.

Evolution, much like hard work, has a more limited appeal.

"Ohioans want to know more about evolution, not less," crowed Robert Crowther in a post spinning the results of Zogby poll last February. "They don’t want the state dumbing down the teaching of evolution by not presenting all the evidence.”

“Surprisingly, Ohioans want to go further than their leaders with 75% favoring teaching intelligent design alongside of Darwinian evolution,” added Crowther. “Even after all the attacks on intelligent design by the dogmatic Darwin-only lobby, the public clearly wants to know more about the theory and make up their own minds.”
Of course, the boys at Discovery aren't above fudging the results when they don't come out the way they're supposed to.

All of this raises an interesting question: With all of their demonstrated power in public opinion surveys, why do creationists and intelligent design activists running for public office so often choose to run as stealth candidates?

Here in Kansas, we can think of a number of recent examples:

These, of course, are just Kansas examples, but out of state readers will be familiar with numerous like examples from their own area.

Could it be the ID activists don't trust their own polling? Do they know something they're not telling the rest of us?


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