Tuesday, September 26, 2006


The ID Slump

In a letter to The Detroit Free Press, Constance S. Kennedy writes that support for teaching intelligent design in public schools from Michigan reps. Jack Hoogendyk and John Moolenaar, and Republican gubernatorial candidate Dick "expose their ignorance of scientific principles and lack of competence to have any authority over the teaching of science in Michigan schools. To use the terms 'scientific theory' and 'ideology' interchangeably is absurd."

Here's a news flash: There is no scientific controversy over the theory of evolution. The "controversy" exists only in Christian denominations that teach the Biblical story of creation is literal truth.

DeVos' belief that Michigan "students should have the opportunity to analyze competing theories" is proof of his willingness to put his personal, religious bias ahead of the need for our children to be properly educated.

Kennedy's letter, like so many other reactions to the DeVos self-immolation, show that ID's fortunes now bear a remarkable resemblance to the slump in the once red-hot housing market. The market is glutted. Too many sellers chasing an ever diminishing number of buyers.


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