Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Connie Morris: Ground Her and Cut Off Her Allowance

Usually, you have to win something before you get to shout "I'm going to Disney World." Well, Connie Morris lost and she's not going to Disney World, but that doesn't mean she isn't cashing in on a couple of taxpayer funded trips before she leaves office.

An editorial in the Hays Daily News (sorry, no link, we only got a scan of it) out in western Kansas quotes Connie Morris as saying, “I’ve been elected by the people to do a job and I’ll work diligently at that job until the last hour while remaining within my allowance. That is integrity and leadership.”

“No, Mrs. Morris,” replies the editorial, “that is not integrity and leadership. It’s a sham. The Washington trip takes place two weeks before you leave office. There will be no time to enlighten the state’s education community about anything you might learn.”

The Hays editorial goes on to question the propriety of Morris’ other going away present to herself trip, and it provides the e-mail addresses of board members so that constituents can protest the board’s approval of these boondoggles educational trips.

If you’d like to add your name to the protest, here are the board’s e-mail addresses:

Janet Waugh:
Sue Gamble:
John Bacon:
Bill Wagnon:
Connie Morris:
Kathy Martin:
Ken Willard:
Carol Rupe:
Iris Van Meter:
Steve Abrams:


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