Monday, August 28, 2006


Wempe Announces Bipartisan Campaign Committee

Jack Wempe, the moderate, pro-science candidate for the Kansas State Board of Education running in District 7 against ultra-right incumbent Ken Willard, announced the formation of bipartisan campaign committee with Democrats and Republicans represented in roughly equal numbers today.

Beverly Ooley, former Rice County Commissioner, a Democrat, and Joan Davison, former Rice County Clerk, a Republican will serve as Wempe's campaign committee co-chairs.

District contact chairpersons named are Les Anderson, of Valley Center; Duane Anstine, of Hutchinson; Greg Bauer, of Harper; Flora Bishop, of Wichita; Rex Boley, of Ellsworth; Nancy Craig, of Newton; Christine Downey-Schmidt, of Inman; Jack Galle, of Pratt; Sue Greenleaf, of Greensburg; Pam Gruber, of Hope; Skip Herd, of Coldwater; Tim Karstetter, of McPherson; Shari McCabe, of Hutchinson; Mel Minor, of Stafford; Ken Peirce, of Hutchinson; Sue Peachey, of Pratt; Sharon Ringler, of Sylvan Grove; Susan Roenbaugh; ofKinsley, Mark Rondeau, of Great Bend; Dorothy Stites, of St. John and Donna Viola, of McPherson.

This committee -- with its impressive bipartisan strength and geographic breadth -- should give encouragement to moderates fighting to take Kansas back from far right ideologues. Wempe's campaign has opened an office at 121 West Main in Lyons (620-257-2213). A website has been developed. The campaign address is P.O. Box 54, Lyons, KS 67554.

This is by far and away the most impressive campaign organization for a state board candidate that RSR has seen. It represents a serious commitment by political leaders in District 7 to put public education in Kansas back on track.

Please visit the website and make a contribution.


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