Monday, August 21, 2006


UC Admissions Lawsuit

"We chose to send our son to a Christian school because we wanted him to be taught from a Christian perspective and have those values. I don't think it's right for anyone to interfere or try to take that out of the schools," says Sue Brodmann, a plaintiff in a lawsuit brought by Calvary Chapel Christian Schools of Murrieta, Cal. along with the Association of Christian Schools International against the University of California.

Of course, the University of California isn't telling Christian schools they have to take anything out. They are just saying the courses and textbooks that distort history or science aren't rigorous enough to meet the standards for admission to the UC System.

Broadman and other plaintiffs are free to send their children to Christian colleges or universities -- or other institutions of higher learning -- that are willing to accept students who may not have met the UC admission requirements.

Perhaps, parents who send their children to substandard Christian schools -- and not all these schools are substandard, incidentally -- should supplement their kid's education with remedial instruction that does meet the requirements.

Most universities require that students seeking admission have completed college prep courses in science, math, and English. Students who fail to enroll in those classes may be denied admission.

Likewise, Christian schools that substitute indoctrination -- such as, sin is responsible for the decay of American government or evolutionary thought is poisoning biology textbooks -- for learning, simply don't prepare students for admission to a major public university.

Admission to a certain college or university, in most cases, isn't a right. It's the responsibility of those who want to enroll to meet the requirements for admission.

As RSR tells his daughters -- perhaps too frequently -- choices have consequences. If the Broadmans chose to send their children to a school that doesn't meet the requirements for admission to the UC system, then they should be prepared to live with the consequences of that choice.


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