Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sometimes, people look at RSR with a barely concealed sense of wonder and ask, "How do you find time to write all those posts?"

What they really mean, of course, is don't you have anything better to do, but the simple truth, which I'm almost embarrassed to tell these folks, is that after a few idle minutes cruising various creationist, intelligent design, and fundamentalist websites, this blog practically writes itself.

The photo of Steven Colbert putting bacterial flagella on notice is a case in point. We don't know where it originated, but we came across it yesterday at Telic Thoughts, a small intelligent design blog. It was the photo that initially caught our eye, but it quickly turned out that, good as it was, the photo wasn't nearly as funny as the comment left by kornbelt888:
"I've tried to watch this joker several times. He's just not funny. The left seems loves him I guess."
No, really?

Do intelligent design activists suffer hitherto undiagnosed aphasia? Or, do they inhabit some freakish twilight zone where they are denied access to insights granted the rest of us?

We don't know. All we can say is that those -- like kornbelt888 -- who choose to dwell outside the sunny borders of the reality-based world just seem not to get it.


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