Saturday, August 19, 2006



Right-wing activist Cindy Duckett predicts that conservatives will retake the Kansas state school board in 2008, according to Scott Rothschild of the Lawrence Journal World.

“The pendulum will swing in two years,” says Duckett.

Now RSR knows full well that God talks to these right-wing activists. And God knows everything, we're not disputing that.

However, RSR, being the pain in the ass skeptical type that we are -- you know, always demanding evidence, reasons, stuff like that -- we can't help but remember that before the primary these same activists confidently predicted they would hold onto the board majority.

For that reason, it might be wise, given their somewhat sketchy track record, to take that particular prediction with a grain of salt. They might just be wrong.

It would even be wiser, though, to take Duckett's words as a warning of deadly serious intent.

Preventing the pendulum from swinging back begins with winning the District 3 and District 7 school board races in November.

Electing Don Weiss and Jack Wempe would build an 8-2 moderate supermajority that couldn't be overturned in 2008. That would mean the board could actually get some work done over the next four years instead of fighting and re-fighting meaningless culture war battles that have nothing to do with quality public education.


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