Thursday, August 10, 2006


Patzer: Leaves 'Em High and Dry

Via the Parsons Sun: "Four days after losing the Aug. 1 primary election to Kansas State Board of Education Republican candidate Jana Shaver, Brad Patzer, R-Neodesha, resigned his teaching position at Caney Valley High School. Caney Valley superintendent Danny Fulton said today, 'He turned in his letter of resignation Friday, 12 days before school starts. His letter stated he had the opportunity to advance his career as head teacher at an alternative school in Idaho.'"


"The last-minute resignation of Patzer has left the school district in a position of trying to find a teacher certified to teach seventh- through 12th-grade math, and fill positions in the Student Support Program and another team position."

"But that's tough if you don't have someone with experience in high school math," says Fulton.

Like intelligent design, Patzer came highly recommended by the current -- but not for long -- religious-right majority on the state school board. Maybe neither is quite what it's cracked up to be.

Thanks to RSR reader TP for calling it to our attention.


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