Friday, August 25, 2006


Ohio: Strong Challenge to Anti-science Faction on School Board

"The state’s Board of Education has the responsibility to provide leadership in finding fair and effective school-funding solutions. Yet a few outspoken members of the board have kept it from this role," says Tom Sawyer, former congressman and mayor of Akron.

Sawyer, who started his career as a public-school teacher, is running for a seat on the Ohio state school board against incumbent Deborah Owens Fink, a Republican who led efforts to challenge the teaching of Darwin’s theory of evolution in high-school science curriculum.

Citing economic strains and global competition, Sawyer told The Columbus Dispatch that, "The state needs to take science and technology seriously."

Fink doesn't think she should pay the price for the board's neglect of other issues while it wrote evolution out of the science standards. She told The Columbus Dispatch "that while she might have opposed the move, questionable sections of the curriculum guidelines were removed earlier this year."

Now, that's leadership.


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