Saturday, August 26, 2006


Ohio: Impressive Credentials

Tom Sawyer has a website up now -- no not that Tom Sawyer -- the one that's running for state school board in Ohio against intelligent design busy body Deborah Owens Fink.

Here's what the Akron Beacon Journal says about Sawyer:

Sawyer brings "impressive credentials to the school board race. He is a former teacher and, most telling, a former lawmaker who has been deeply involved in education at the state and federal level.

"Fink referred to Sawyer supporters as 'just a small group of dogmatic scientists. Hardly. Their numbers are many.

"They grasp the critical need for a rigorous science curriculum, one that avoids detours into the realm of faith. In Tom Sawyer, they have a candidate who recognizes the difference this election can make."

Why not pay a visit to Sawyer's website, and while your there, make a contribution to his campaign and the fight to defend science education and separation of church and state. In RSR's view, it's the best investment you can make.


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