Tuesday, August 22, 2006


The Long Haul

Laura Scott, assistant editorial page editor, at The Kansas City Star asks, "So what do Kansans who have worked to change the direction of their state board do now? Rest on their laurels?"

The statewide Kansas Alliance for Education, the Kansas Citizens for Science, and their counterparts in Kansas Families United for Public Education and the ainstream Coalition in Johnson County worked hard, raised a little money and got their message out.

But they ought to keep moving on.

First business up: another election. There’s still time for voters to make the board’s new moderate majority stronger still. Board members Ken Willard of Hutchinson and John Bacon of Olathe survived their GOP primaries. These two, as well as the
moderate Republicans, face Democrats who are solid on science education in

Even more important is the next election — the one in 2008. A new moderate majority could falter if Kansans don’t stay ever vigilant. In that regard, the August primary didn’t exactly inspire confidence.

The turnout was a measly 18 percent, the lowest total in 20 years at least. In two more years, the real test of staying power comes. Those most dedicated to a cause win when others stay home from the polls.

Kansans who value a good, well-rounded education for their children have to be on guard for the long haul

Amen to that.


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