Thursday, August 31, 2006


Kansas: Finishing the Job

The Kansas Alliance for Education, a nonpartisan grassroots organization that promotes the election of candidates to the Kansas State Board of Education who support quality education for all Kansas children, was a key player during the primary election. The KAE helped moderates take Kansas back from the right-wing fanatics who've taken over the board of education.

Mailings, phone calls, and radio ads paid for by the KAE were an essential element in the victories of Sally Cauble and Jana Shaver, and the re-election of Janet Waugh.

Now, the KAE is laying plans to finish the job on Nov. 7 by helping to elect Don Weiss in District 3 and Jack Wempe in District 7 to the state board.

During the primary, KAE raised over $130,000, mostly through small to moderate donations.

In order to wage effective campaigns against John Bacon and Ken Willard -- the two remaining right-wing incumbents up for election this year -- KAE needs to raise at least $60,000. It has just five weeks to do it.

Your contribution will help KAE endorse candidates such as Don Weiss and Jack Wempe, publicize their candidacies, encourage contributions to their campaigns, make the maximum allowable contribution from KAE to their campaigns, engage in a public discussion of the issues surrounding the state Board of Education races, and encourage voter turnout.

Please send a contribution to KAE at PO Box 615 , Johnson , KS 67855 or go to the website to contribute by Pay Pal.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing would ruin John Calvert's, and Steve Abrams', and William Dembski's, and Stephen Meyer's, and Casey Luskin's day -- while driving a stake deep into the heart of intelligent design -- like losing Willard and Bacon's seats on the Kansas school board.

Make a contribution today.


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