Thursday, August 24, 2006


How Jesus Led to Hitler and Hitler Led to Ann Coulter

Commenting on the D. James Kennedy pseudo-documentary linking Darwin to Hitler, Ellis Weiner, a former editor of National Lampoon and a columnist for Spy, asks:
I'm stunned. How could I have gone through twelve years of public school, and six years of Hebrew school, and four years of college, and two years of drum lessons, and still not know that the deadly career of the world-famous dictator, Adolph Hitler, is directly attributable to Jesus Christ?

Displaying an uncanny knack for grasping the delicate nuance that is intelligent design reasoning, Weiner explains the link between Christianity, Hitler, and Ann Coulter:
Hitler was a Christian and--correct me if I'm wrong--also a Nazi. Christianity led to Nazism. A lot of Nazis were Christians. A lot of Christians were Nazis. Coulter is a Christian just as Hitler was. She wants to invade countries (i.e., she wants others to do it for her; like every other Republican gasbag, she's outspokenly courageous and highly principled with other people's lives), kill leaders, and impose an ideology on them, sort of like Hitler did. So she's probably a Nazi, too.
Don't miss this one. You can read the rest at the Huffington Post.


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