Monday, August 28, 2006


Death of Science

Blogs For Bush, a group blog covering George W. Bush that organizes bloggers who support the President, breathlessly reported this weekend that "Science is Dead."
Why did science stray from the path of truth? I think it is because we ceased educating the men of science [there are no women, apparently, in the Bush blogosphere, RSR] with a knowledge of religion - a knowledge, that is, of genuine truth, genuine reason, and the relationship of man to creation, and his Creator. When science became a narrowly forcused (sic) search for something immediately practical, it was bound to eventually be hijacked by people who wanted to use the cover of science for very impractical efforts.

Yes, the search for "something immediately practical" inevitably leads to "impractical efforts." The cause and effect are indisputable. The logic impeccable. The idiocy undeniable.


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